Mariebeth Aquino

Digital Media Strategist & Consultant

Need help with your Digital Strategy?


  • Digital Strategy & Transformation
  • Next Generation Social Media
  • Online and Social Video
  • Online Marketing
  • Status Quo Analysis & Workshops
  • New Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Change Management
  • Creative Industry Opportunities
  • Event Management & Conference Strategies

Mariebeth is an opportunity maker and creative reformer. She is a well-connected influencer strategist and digital media advisor with infectious enthusiasm. With her undeniable unique edge in developing social networks in both worlds, online and in the real world, she has founded communities and organisations in creative industries. Moreover, she has launched dozens of initiatives, scholarship programs, events and other projects, whereby she led distributed teams across Europe. Mariebeth has the unique talent to empower others to grow and to bring together visionary leaders for advancement.